Reading Information Text – Envisioning and Using Teacher’s Voice

Since last week the students have been using websites such as National Geographic and iflscience  to learn about this weird creature called Hagfish and how it produces its slime. During the process they learn how to decipher tricky words, identify which one is a topic-related word, and which one is a “smarter word that teachers/scientists use”. Today they focused on reading texts, envisioning to facilitate understanding and teaching the information. They watched a TED Ed video  to see how videographers choose to use diagrams and graphic representations to help audience understand certain scientific concepts.

Some of them are able to draw detailed diagram with words to help explain the process.


You may be wondering why some of the students were in costumes. It’s because today’s the first day of Spirit Week and the theme is Hero vs. Villain.

One thought on “Reading Information Text – Envisioning and Using Teacher’s Voice

  1. Hero vs Villain was so fun. The hagfish project had a lot of debating and chatting and a lot of good examples! Can’t wait for Class vs Class!

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