Art #2: Spontaneity

This cycle’s art is about spontaneity. Jean Arp (1886-1966), was a German-French artist who started the Dada movement. He once tore some papers, let them fall freely on a canvas, and called it art (and it sold!). Here are some of his works:

We dripped some yarns into glue water and draped them freely on art paper. After drying we let the random yarn lines tells us what shapes and what stories there were and we filled the white space with colours.

Unit 1: Post-it Snowball fight

Yesterday students had a Post-it snowball fight to wrap up Unit 1. They wrote what they thought was important for Unit 1 on a Post-it, crumble it up, and throw it at each other like it’s a snowball. When the teacher said STOP, children picked up a “snowball” and read aloud what they saw on the sticky note. One way to keep them awake and excited about learning. 🙂

Prefix and Suffix Games

See here for a list of games about prefix and suffix you can play online:



Flash player needed:

  1. (you need earphone for this)
  5. (this is a 2-player game)

Have fun. 🙂

Unit 1 Math Riddle

Answer question #9 and #10 without using long division or multiplication in column form.

You can use any equations on the board.

(Hint: you may use the number line to do some addition and subtraction.)

Food Inquiry: Digestion / Online Learning

Hi all,

Check out the following websites that teach you all about the human digestive system.
Ducksters – Human Digestive System 
Kids Health – Your Digestive System 

An online tutorial about the digestive system:

After reading through the material, try this quiz to see how much you know.

Perhaps as you eat, you’ll now think more about where the food goes down the digestive system. 🙂

TED Videos about Food and Our Body

How the Food You Eat Affects Your Gut
Lesson here:

What does Your Pancreas Do?
Lesson here:

How does the Liver Work?
Lesson here:

Moral Citizen Assembly Presentation – A Learning Journey

Today 5W presented two stories in the assembly. The students spent a week to prepare for it. Each day they were given a period in school to work together, and they were supposed to practice their parts at home. They learned about being responsible to the group by doing their parts. Some felt like it was a successful experience while others felt like there was room for improvement. Either way, it was a precious learning experience for them. I’m proud of how some of them remember the long dialogues and the stage directions. I’m also impressed by how some of them take on the challenge and responsibility wholeheartedly.