Learning Metaphors

In the current poetry unit we learn what metaphors are and how to create them.

First, we had a game in which we find similarities between unrelated things.

We were give a list of unrelated nouns and we had to tell what were the common things between them.

Today, we learned to put the two nouns together, with an adjective that shows the common thing between the two things.

Finding ideas for poem

Today we kick-started our poetry unit. We read many different poems and began thinking of our own. Collecting ideas is never an easy thing to do, but we do it for every kind of writing. One trick we learned today is name a list and write about it. We think of a list which we know a lot about and write all the things inside that list.


Some of the lists that we have:



Star Wars characters





Korean food

things that make you laugh


things you can use in Art

TV animation

Warming up our writing muscles

Today we had our first Writer’s Workshop of the year. What we did was focusing on *thinking* and *adding meaning to our writing*.  By having quiet time (30 minutes) of writing, we exercised our writing muscles again. That will help us prepare our writer’s brain for the upcoming workshops. Everyone did a good job by writing a lot!

img_0609 img_0608 img_0610 img_0611

Max’s writing was an interesting one to read. I didn’t know he had to get pulled out by a vacuum when he was born.