Text Feature Treasure Hunt

On Monday morning 3W had a fun morning of hunting text features all around the classroom. We had to match the name to the purpose and example of the text feature. Then we had to find 5 other classmates who agree with us.

Now everyone has a better idea about what different text features do and we are now learning how to use them in our informational writing.

img_0556 img_0551 img_0553 img_0554 img_0555

Spelling in 3W

In 3W we play spelling games from time to time. I believe 3W’s favourite has got to be this spelling block game. The spelling blocks are made from milk cartons. They have to put the blocks together to spell words and explain what these words mean.

img_0539 img_0540 img_0541 img_0534 img_0535 img_0536 img_0537

The Saffron in the Classroom


Every year in fall / winter, the Japanese A students grow saffron flowers in the class as part of their learning. It’s now blossoming time. The best thing about saffron is that they don’t need water or soil to grow. And they have very beautiful flowers.