Homes around the World

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In IPC today we looked at different interesting houses around the world and learned about why all these houses are different. Children learn to understand a piece of information text by creating mental images as we read. We also applied our knowledge in “-able” words to decipher a new word: transferable.

This is to prepare children for their IPC project: to create a book that teaches readers about the homes and habitats around the world.

Reading Pattern

Today we studied our reading logs to see what reading patterns we have. Kuga and Seoyoung have got some good observations.

img_0460 img_0459

By studying our reading log, we can see what kind of readers we are. It is going to be useful and informative when we set our reader’s goal.

What’s reading like in class…

We do reading everyday, but it’s not everyday that we read barefoot.

Interesting how everyone chose to lay on the carpet and read. (Note no one is reading at their desks.)


What’s reading like at home for you?

Do you read in bed? On a sofa? Do sit straight up? Or slouch against your pillow?