Writing in 4C

Welcome to the page for Writing Workshop. See some of the important aspects of our unit below.

Information Writing 

Note-taking from information books will play a big part in our writing in this unit as we learn the structure of writing about history.  We will look at ways to show how to collect information from a range of sources to build an idea of what happened a long time ago and from where in the world it occurred.


Opinion Essay Writing

What is your opinion? Can you persuade me to change my mind? Do you have enough evidence? Are your resources from a credible place?

Grade Four are challenged to learn the structure of an essay and read examples of others to build their own case to share with others.


Narrative Writing

You will find resources on Google classroom and on this blog to help you to work on your writing.

Key ideas for this unit include

  • jumping into the world of stories
  • where stories come from
  • believable characters
  • the arc of the story (or booklet)
  • SHOW don’t tell
  • leads and endings
  • revision with action, dialogue, thoughts and feelings
  • edit using speech marks, commas and complex sentences

Play this game to find some great vocabulary for your character!

We will celebrate by publishing our stories and dressing up as our main character. We aim to schedule this for October 13th 2017.