What’s ON in 4C

Want to know what is happening in 4C? Read on!

Report Cards will be sent out at the end of Semester 1 in mid December.

You will be receiving a letter along with your child’s realistic fiction writing and math units to sign and then send back to school next week. Please take some time in talking with your child about the importance of the learning process. Your encouragement to keep on the path that can sometimes be difficult is so vital to their resilience. Thank you for all your support.

See you at the Christmas Bazaar!


Christmas Performance December 1

We welcome you to our slot in the variety performance of the year! It is rumoured to be another amazing celebration from Elementary this year. Students come in at 1pm on this day. Please pack a dinner instead of a lunch on this day. Many thanks!

New changes to the timetable!

Saint Maur Day and International Day is on 19th October

ART focused FUN Day 20th October

4C will come in wearing RED for the day and will enjoy creating as many different Fuji-san pictures as we can! Start collecting ideas so we can be really creative! Find artists that have painted Fuji and get thinking!

Writing Workshop Publishing Party 13th October!!!!

Students will bring clothing that suits their main character in their story. They will arrive in school uniform and change in school.

Parent Consultations 9th October

Don’t forget your child and the sign up! Let’s make this year a fabulous one!

Open Day 18th September 2017-

please come on in and see what we are learning and ask questions! Sometimes words are unfamiliar as are methods of teaching compared to what we were taught at school. Asking will help you to learn more. The door is open and you are invited 🙂


Our first Investigations Unit (Factors, Multiples, and Arrays) is focusing on Multiplication and Division. We will look at models of arrays to begin to define square, prime and composite numbers. Please find our maths letter which explains this in more detail in the red folder.

We begin our year in writing with Narrative Writing and we will build on from the great work they started in Grade 3. Many students shared their pride in the fairy tale writing from last year. We will jump into the world of stories and begin to take a closer look at the shape of narratives. Please tell your children about stories you love and talk about the characters you enjoyed as a child. Hearing and reading stories that include small realistic moments will be very helpful in this unit.

Students have been encouraged to read, read and read some more! Homework is reading in a happy and comfortable place for 25+ minutes. Chapter books are preferred although all reading material is encouraged-from online newspaper blogs to cartoon books (different languages too!). Our aim is to count our chapter books and set a chapter book reading goal for Grade 4.

Inquiry: Who Am I?
Students will start their first project which requires them to teach the class something they are a master at. They will present their topic through demonstration, speech and technology. They will show their expertise and teach others something new-especially their teachers 🙂 Getting to know all about our new students is so vital.