The WORLD of words!


How do you work out how to spell the words that sound the same but are identified by different letter placement? There are some tricky words that we always seem to make mistakes with… We are working on strategies to help us not to be confused and have a greater degree of accuracy when using them in our work is underway…

Figuring it out!

We worked on the structure of the word ‘figurative’ because we were looking at figurative language in a poetry lesson. We looked at some familiar building blocks to make up the word and found out that there was something interesting that happens to one of the letters when you make a word sum! Ask someone in Grade 4!


Word Wall

We have been working on testing the following aspects of parts of words we already know a little about and what we notice…

Only words that have been proven to follow the meaning are allowed on our word wall. We have a group of tested prefixes that really do say what they mean when added to a base word.

Some suffix questions we keep coming up with

What happens when you add ing or ed to a word? Why do we sometimes have double letters? Is there a common rule to apply? Trying to find some rules which apply ALL the time to the English language is important for us when we make words sums.


One student discovered this truth today when he was working on his word sum.




Words are like lego pieces…

Do you know what these words mean? How would you find out? When you do, share your knowledge with a friend or a member of your family!

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