Reading Workshop

Marvellous March 

We are challenging ourselves with SMART targets this month. We want to increase the stamina of our reading this year to be ready for Grade 5. Please encourage us by asking what we are reading at the moment. We know that self-improvement is a bit hard sometimes but we are resilient and will feel so proud of our achievements.

Remember that your daily reading is ESSENTIAL to grow your vocabulary. You use it for reading, comprehension, writing, when you speak and to communicate in any language.

Reading Workshop Unit 3: History

Note taking when you are reading history… Please don’t forget your to practice your new techniques!

Focusing on the historical events in Japan related to FOOD forms the start of our reading unit. We will be learning to read across a range of texts and improve our note taking. We will look at different ways to look at history from various perspectives and bring history to life from what we have researched.

Look at this document to read more about Change Champions. Not only think carefully about the precise place this happened and the exciting events but also the big picture of WHY it was important.



We love reading in Grade 4

The sound of pages being turned in a classroom is a wonderful sound. Listening to stories read aloud by different voices brings alive words on a page. Retelling our favourite parts of a book is something we are exploring. Our current readaloud features a boy called Bradley and we are not very sure we like him…