Rákosniček’s adventures

Rákosniček has lived in Asia for 5 years and now embarks on his 6th class. He loves meeting his new friends because he knows that he will go home and have a wonderful weekend with them. Mrs Culek never knows what adventures he ends up having. Thank goodness some students actually let her know that he is safe and having fun.


RJ played with me on Saturday night with lego and Kirby. They were pretty good and nice together. I took a picture of a RJ on a decoration of a ?. I think its cute and cool ?. What do you think?

Sahil made him quite happy eating cookies!

It was fun having Rákosníček home! First I made it meet my pet hamster. Then I thought Rákosníček was hungry so i fed it some cookies. I could tell it was happy because of the big smile on its face.It was time for racoss ne check to play with us. We took great care of it. When it was time to do my homework I also made it write too. Later in the night we both slept together.
Rákosníček had a fun day,and it was ready for the next day.