Dressing up on 13th October

Dear Parents and students,

On October 13th 4T and 4C will be celebrating the completion of our first writing unit:
Writing Realistic Fiction Stories With Believable Characters
For our celebration students will dress up as the main character of their story. This can include the external appearance and internal personality traits. While some students are excited, others are concerned that they do not have the correct apparel. We ask parents to support your children to think creatively about what they could wear.There is no need to buy clothing for this occasion.
Our request has been granted by admin, however, it is important that students wear their school uniform to and from school.  They can get changed into character at school. We will aim to photograph them and place these on our blogs.
We are looking forward to this occasion, and I assure you the teachers will be dressed up too.
Rocky Jones, here I come 4C!

Writing Workshop

Welcome to the page for Writing Workshop. See some of the important aspects of our unit below.

Narrative Writing

You will find resources on Google classroom and on this blog to help you to work on your writing.

Key ideas for this unit include

  • jumping into the world of stories
  • where stories come from
  • believable characters
  • the arc of the story
  • SHOW don’t tell
  • leads and endings
  • revision with action, dialogue, thoughts and feelings
  • edit using speech marks, commas and complex sentences

We will celebrate by publishing our stories and dressing up as our main character. We aim to schedule this for October 13th 2017.

Kasuga shrine and Miyabi

In September 1st Friday, I went to Kasuga Shrine with my mom, older sister and older brother.
There are many foods, games, juices, handspinner and some squeezy things.
First we did WORSHIP.Worship is to pray to god.

1.You put the money.
2.Ring the big bell.
3.Bow 2 times.
4.Clap 2 times.
5.You pray.
6.Bow 1 time.

Next I ate Takoyaki.It was so yummy but it was littlebit hot!And I drink lemon shaved ice juice.It was light bulb`s case bottle.
I did shooting and I bought handspiner and stawberrie squeeze.

I had fun with everyone! \^^/

From Miyabi

Hello 4C! Rakosnicek and Mrs Culek are so happy to meet you!

Welcome to your brand new blog for our class this year. I am sooooo excited for this year. There will be lots to do and areas to grow for all of us. This learning journey will be like a good hike in which will pass some ups and downs, some muddy patches, some foggy places, amazing views and aching legs! But don’t worry, we will finish with style and successfully, I promise!