A length of string…


We have been measuring anything and everything around us! Standard US measurements have had us thinking this week. Knowing our feet and inches have made us move onto yards and the metric system. Watch out not to mix the two measuring systems…

Some students worked on Word Inquiry to identify the connections between kilo, cent, mill when used in a word sum. Do you think you can work it out?

Can you see anything that helps you understand the structure of these words?

Mill + i + on

Mill + i + metre

Mill + i + pede

January 2018 Units of Study

Dear Parents,🎉
As we begin to settle into 2018, we want to give you a heads up on what we will be studying in the next few weeks. It’s going to fly by and before you know it, they will be in Grade 5!

Author Visit📚 
On Thursday, January 18th we will be welcoming Adam Gidwitz to talk about his well loved book: A Tale Dark and Grimm.
Number Fun Day🔢 
We shall be celebrating Maths on our Nutty Number Day on Friday, January 19th, 2018We will enjoy a free dress day wearing a number on our clothing or even something creative using mathematics! Our day will be set out as a normal school day and there will be no changes to lunch. We will enjoy making and playing number games inside and outside. Please have your child come to school in normal winter uniform and change at school into their number outfit.
As we are starting Unit 4: Size, Shape and Symmetry, please find the unit letter in your child’s red Go Home folder.
Reading and Writing
We will be taking a trip down memory lane in our new history focused units. We will start by looking at our own lives and that of our parents. Please expect some interesting questions coming your way! We will move on to looking at the chronological history of food in Japan. 🍣 If you are able to enrich our project in any form, please let us know as soon as possible. We are also looking into field trip opportunities to support this unit. As you have noticed, we have not been on any day field trips yet this academic year… we are excited to make this happen. As soon as dates are decided we will be putting out a request for parent volunteers. Please watch this space for more to come.
Student Led Conferences 🗣 
As Student Led Conferences are coming up on the 12th of Februarywe will be excited to share our learning in these upcoming units.
Kind regards,

Sharon and JoAnna
🤓         😎

Figure it out!

Working out a word sum is pretty fun! Some students worked out that if you add the suffix <ive> it changes the word into an adjective. We also met with a silent e when joining the building blocks of words… Learning to rewrite the sum by seeing it and spelling it aloud was quite helpful to see what happened to the base word. Do you think you can try?

Happy New Year 4C!

Welcome back to January 2018! It is incredible how a lovely three-week break can refresh your mind ready to begin a new year. It’s time to set new goals and read new books and learn new lessons. I hope you have had a brilliant time being with family and that you have tried some things you have never eaten, done before, listened to, thought of, attempted for the first time… I can’t wait to hear your stories.

See you all very soon,

Mrs C