Thank you for coming to SLC

Thank you for coming to Student Led Conferences today.

Kathryn Claire

We have had a wonderful time with singer-songwriter Kathryn Claire during the past few days. We wrote a song together and its pretty cool! It was about the ocean and emotion… We hope to share it with you during an assembly that we have planned in March!

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Fun on Nutty Number Day

Grade 4 had the opportunity to play with Montessori students from Miss Sallie’s class today. They decided on any games that included numbers. Laughter and song came from the students as they worked together, not to mention the screams and running from the wolf when it was LUNCHTIME!

We have made some awesome games and crafted them ourselves in our day. We had the opportunity to celebrate with Number in the closing assembly, counting and dancing to the end. Have a wonderful weekend, Grade 4.