Inquiry Projects!

Water For Everyone

Global Water Scarcity link

Please click the above link to look at an excellent website which looks at the problem of water around the world.

Our IPC project was launched after our trip to Nishiya Water Plant in Yokohama where we learned a little history about how water became cleaner in Japan and in the city we live in. Finding about the long journey that water takes to our taps in our homes is an incredible one.


We had our first field trip where we encountered information from primary sources, video footage, documents from journeys that were taken and looked at the actual furniture items that were on the luxury liner ‘Hikawa Maru’. As we look into the maritime past of Yokohama we can see that it was and still is a very important port for Japan.

Structured Word Inquiry

Building, deconstructing and putting them back together… Words are complex but extremely logical when organised through their meanings.

Challenging one another with the language of mathematics has us all thinking about words in another way…


Students are looking for prefixes and suffixes to test words in a scientific way. So far we have investigated some common prefixes… perhaps you know some of them…

Check out our World of Words pages and recent posts!



Baseball is one of Gen’s passions and in his very well organised lesson, he shared his love for it. He demonstrated how to improve skills in using baseball techniques on the rooftop of our school.


has showed us many ways to stay safe when he gave his lesson on Ju Jitsu in class. It was very important to see and feel the way you need to stand in position and move with confidence. Thank you for this and your lesson, Hinata.






Max shared his passion of American football with the rest of his classmates. Sharing his father’s prized American football, he took his fellow classmates to the roof to work on being able to throw a ball correctly. Well done.


Richard shared his love for soccer in his lesson today. His favourite team is Real Madrid and he likes Cristiano Ronaldo because he is the one of the best soccer players in the world.


Having a bar lesson from Miyabi was amazing because we stood on our tip toes and moved in a 360 degree turn! It was not as skillful as our ballerina who was able to do this so gracefully. It was quite hard to keep our balance but we managed! Thank you.


Shogi was the name of the Japanese game played in class today. Kuga set the room up in an oval and shared each of the pieces that are used in the game. The pressure was on our students as they battled against one another for the winning place. Thanks for teaching your class mates and your teacher, Kuga.


Otero was the game that Mairi introduced to her grade level and Ms Takeda today. There was great excitement and concentration in the games that were played. Well done, Mairi, I think everyone loved your lesson today.


Had the whole of Grade 4 and her teachers stretching and bending like ballerinas in her lesson. There were a lot of groans as some of the positions looked pretty impossible. With her guidance, there were some successful results.


We learned how to make a coma in Riko’s lesson. It was a very complex style of origami but it was such a well organised lesson that everyone in the room managed to make one. Thank you so very much for teaching us.


Wow! The incredible game of golf was introduced to us all in our lesson with Connor. It appears that there are many rules and regulations in the game that we could break! As we began to learn about the clubs, lots of people were keen to know how heavy they were. Maybe one day we will get the chance to hold one.


Taught a lesson about cricket with Ms Takeda and a group of Grade 4 students. Explanations about this famous game came from Sahil’s love for this sport.


What an amazing time we had learning how to cook with Arya! We used some ingredients that we had never heard of before. Many of us loved the new flavours we tasted in this lesson. Thank you for teaching us! You were so organised and patient with your class today, well done.


Shion shared how to make cute little pom poms today with lots and lots of colourful wool. She prepared a step by step process that made many of us think. Unfortunately Mrs Culek needs another lesson as she failed twice! Perhaps Shion will help her…?


Slime! Can you believe it? The Grade 4s had a lesson in making slime in Noe’s lesson today. We had so many different colours of slime in the end, it was great fun. Thank you for sharing your skills of organisation and careful explanations.



What an amazing presentation you gave today. You certainly are an expert in drawing airplanes. We have been incredibly fortunate to have you as our teacher today. Thank you very much indeed!



Thank you SOOOOOOoooooo much for teaching us about how to make stars! You were amazing! So many of us learned something new from your lesson.


If you need some help, see below!

Take a look at this Google slideshow to help you think about your own slides. Remember to make a beginning, middle and and ending. You will also need to plan your activity and collect your resources.

Who Am I?

We are inquiring into how unique we all are at the moment and sharing the sort of things that make us who we are. Finding something that we are good at, perhaps becoming masters of, is the focus of what we are preparing to share in our first topic this year.

We have students that play golf, perform ballet, draw airplanes, play soccer and tennis, cook Indian food and many other gifts and talents. Teach Your Teacher (and everyone in the grade) Day is a special time where we share our passions with our friends and teachers. Presentations start in September 2017!