Holy moly! Where has the year gone? Where has the week gone? 3G has been running full-steam ahead, which is why I haven’t posted as much as I should have recently. I’m sorry. 😔

New Cougar Cafe Sports & Activity Center

We had a tour of Saint Maur’s new building, including running around the new gym and visiting the dance studios, a.k.a. activity rooms. Students were gasping and squealing every time we entered a new space. The building really is beautiful.

Camera Obscura

In IPC, students learned about the Islamic Golden Age, including Ibn Al-Haytham’s camera obscura, an early predecessor to digital cameras we use today. After eating a lot of potato chips (I’m going to get fired!), we used the cans to create our own mini camera-obscura. Students should be able to explain why the image appears upside down through the camera.

Marble Jar

3G earned a popcorn and movie party for filling their marble jar again! This is quite an accomplishment. The class has been unusually focused and attentive to their schoolwork lately in addition to being kind friends, helpers, and all-around good citizens. True superheroes!

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