Our Animal Museum (these two are not the animals…)

Oh my gosh! I’m so far behind on updating this blog. Sometimes time slips away from us. Part of the reason I have not had time to update the 3G blog is because we have been so busy! This will be a mega update reaching back several weeks.


3G learned about fractions for the first time this year. After building a strong base in multiplication and division, students took to fractions like ducks to water! 🦆 Additionally, the class aced the chapter review – thank you very much.

Our class moved on to learning to measure mass in grams and kilograms, as well as liquid volume in milliliters and liters. Students learned to use various tools to measure the amount of liquid in a container, then set about putting their knowledge to work. 3G estimated, then measured accurately, the capacity of several containers of differing shapes and sizes.


It all started with a few penguin texts during online learning in December. 3G students have become expert researchers by learning how to understand nonfiction text structures, take notes from the text, synthesize across texts, and present their research to others. On March 11th, the whole school was invited to our Animal Museum. We had an overwhelming turnout! I was astounded by the 3rd graders’ final products as well as the reactions from students and staff across the school. For days afterwards, we received a steady flow of positive feedback and congratulations for this big event. My only regret was that we could not invite parents to join us this year. Please enjoy this video compilation of pictures from the 1st Annual 3rd Grade Animal Museum! ⤵️

Talent Show

Three brave members of our class showed off their talents live onstage during the elementary assembly on March 19th. There were so many students interested in showing their talents, that we had to create a video talent show in addition to the live performances. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

March 19th was also the opening night of the Middle School Drama Club’s production of “The Audition” by Don Zolidis. I am the director of the MS Drama Club and have been helping the students organize this show for the last three months. It is another reason I am behind on everything. 😅


Keyboarding is an important skill for all students to master to set them up for success in school and beyond. It can be challenging to maintain good posture and commit to home row, but 3G is doing their best to tackle this important IT skill.

I have added a new link to our Resources page for this online typing program. Each child can log in with his/her Saint Maur Google credentials.

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