Warm and Fuzzy

This was a busy, yet fun, week in 3G. It was my birthday on Wednesday. The students surprised me with a birthday party! 🥳 🎈 I had no idea this was planned and I was truly surprised. Thank you to everyone who helped organize the celebration. Here is a video of some of the festivities. At one point, Mrs. Harrington and Mrs. Forbes-Dias popped in to see what was causing such a commotion! 🎶

Also, I was called to some important meetings for Saint Maur’s accreditation visit this week, so I had to have substitute teachers for part of Thursday and Friday. Mr. Ito, the Math Coordinator for the Secondary School, covered math class on Thursday afternoon. He sent me this email message afterwards. I’m sharing this with his permission.

No joke, Dale, your class was the most pleasant class I have ever taught in Elementary – maybe even the whole school. The students were friendly, fun, orderly, patient, responsive, cooperative, on-task,… the list goes on. Usually when I share instructions with an elementary class, there are a few students not paying attention, walking around, making a mess on their desk, etc. but in your class – every student listened and students were very respectful when others were talking. They wait for their turns and put their hands up. They help each other when they get stuck. Even though the area model for today’s example was probably a little easy for some students, they still worked on it with no complaints. Some were sharing some of the advanced Math they can already do. It was just a great time and I couldn’t help but write to you.
I’ll cover your class anytime 😉

Andre Ito

I couldn’t be prouder of this class.

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