Week of May 21

Dear Parents,

What an eventful week last week was! We had two field trips and four special periods of Maker Space lessons. The students were really excited throughout the week. We have about one week left until the last teaching day – time flies.


Maths update:

We have started a new unit about Geometry and Measurement, which is the second Geometry and Measurement unit in G3. During this unit, students develop ideas about the attributes of 2D and 3D shapes. Students come to understand how we these attributes to classify shapes.They also develop ideas about measuring length, area, the measurement of angles and volume.


Focus 1: describing properties of 3D shapes

Students notice and describe important properties of the shapes. They learn to distinguish between polyhedra and non-polyhedra.


Focus 2: translating between 2D and 3D shapes

Students determine the number of faces of cubes and other rectangular prisms and how they come together to form the whole. The flat shape which can be folded into a 3D shape is called a net.:


They design their own flat nets to create different 3D shapes shapes

Focus 3: structuring rectangular prisms and determining their volume

Students look for relationships between the dimensions (length, width, height) of rectangular boxes and the number of cubes and number of rows of cubes (arrays) that fit inside. Gradually, they learn to visualise the capacity of the boxes and volume of shapes without actually filling them with cubes. Understanding the structure and capacity of these rectangular prisms is essential for students’ to later understand of volume – it is a difficult concept for many.

For more information, please refer to the Related Activities. Unit 9 Family Letter

Some photos from Kodomonokuni and Sankeien (Thank you Mrs. Hayashi!)

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