week of April 30

Dear Parents,

Thank you very much for your and your family’s support during the Food Fair. The Grade 3 guessing game went very successfully – thank you to the students for advertising!

I have a few updates about our learning.



Next week, we will start a new unit: Addition, Subtraction and the Number System. This is another addition and subtraction unit, however, our focus will be different from the past addition and subtraction units.

This time, the emphasis is adding and subtracting numbers in the hundreds accurately. Generally speaking, the bigger the number, the more difficult it is to handle accurately since it is more difficult to grasp the magnitude of the quantities. Learners can easily follow the steps of computational procedures but often lose track of the meaning of the quantities and then make errors. Learners need to notice when the results of their computation are not reasonable, given the quantities in the problem. Therefore, in this unit, estimation is another key focus.

For more information, please refer to Unit 8 Family Letter 1  Unit 8 Family Letter 2



Research Clubs:

We are working on a group project to present what we learned about animals. In groups, we plan and create a Google slide presentation. We are careful about subtopics; we took into consideration what might the audience not know and might want to know. We also consider the text structure of our presentation (e.g., sequential, compare and contrast, boxes and bullets). We asked ourselves “What structure best suits what we want to present?”  



Adapting and Writing Fairy Tales:

We have selected our own, classic favourite fairytale and started writing our own version of the story. We have learned a lot of strategies to write fairytales, which are also applicable to other types of narrative stories. We are applying this learning to our own writing. We have become more independent; we have been self assessing our writing against the checklist and the charts on the wall independently to make it even better. We will ‘publish’ our book at the end of the unit.



  • Field trip to Sankeien on 16 May: Please refer to the printed letter provided for details.
  • Field trip to Kodomonokuni on 18 May: More information will be available soon.

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