Week of March 5

Dear Parents,

Here is our learning schedule until the Easter holiday and some updates. March 23rd is Japanese Culture Day and the detailed schedule will be shared a little later.



Sadly, Kyungeun is departing St. Maur as of March 23rd. We wish her and her family good luck in their new destinations!


We just finished Unit 5: multiplication and division. The students are encouraged to practice multiplication combinations learned for further fluency. From next week, we will be starting a new unit: Patterns, Functions, and Change. For the next two weeks, we will be learning more about making and reading line graphs that show a relationship between two variables through looking at temperature change over time in different places around the world. We will be thinking about the overall shape of a graph and what that overall shape means.

For more information, please refer to the attached family letters M7-8 M9-10.


We will be continuing learning to understand characters deeply. We have learned what we expect when reading a fiction story and how to follow a character’s journey, understanding it at a deeper level. We have formed book clubs. Each book club shares the same book and talks deeply about the the story and the author’s work. In the next two weeks, book clubs will be continued and we will be focusing on the skills to compare and contrast characters using many strategies.


We have almost finished learning about persuasive speeches. The students are recording their own speech on Seesaw, making sure their speech is powerful enough to convince the audience. From next week, we will transfer and apply everything we have learned to write other types of opinion pieces: petitions and persuasive letters. As independent writers, we self-check our writing against the checklist as well as peer assess our writing.


Here are some pictures from the past weeks.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend!

Kyoka Frost


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