Week of January 29

Week of January 29

Dear parents,

Our field trip to Hamagin Space Science Centre was a great success. All students were excited at the science themed exhibition, which was a whole body experience. This time, both 3F and 3B went there together and this was another factor that contributed to the successful field trip.

Here are some photos from the trip. I am sorry if your child does not feature in the photographs; I was personally only chaperoning one group of students.


We have started a new unit: Character Studies. Through fiction stories, we will mainly be working on the following skills:

  • Infer about characters and other story elements
  • Determine themes and cohesion
  • Compare and contrast story elements and themes
  • Analyse parts of a story in relation to the whole.

Next week, we will continue to get to know a character by noticing patterns in their behaviour, developing theories about a character with supporting reasons, predicting what a character will do next. Please encourage your child to continue logging his/her reading. The reading log helps your child reflect on his/her reading habit and this will support them to become a better reader.


We have also a new writing unit that started this week: Persuasive Writing/Speeches, Petitions, and Editorials. This week, we learned and practiced how we can put forth an opinion (thesis statement) and give reasons, details, examples that support our opinion as well as how we can come up with an idea for persuasive writing and speeches. For the next two weeks, We will be looking at the world and imagining what can be better, to grow ideas for possible writing projects. We will be also reviewing problems that need to be addressed and imagine solutions.


Our area and perimeter unit has come to an end and unit 5 will start next week. In unit 4, a lot of Maths words were introduced. 3F will continue working to read questions carefully. We read the question again without giving up if reading once is not enough to ensure we understand. In unit 5, we explore and understand multiplication and division. Next week, we will start with understanding the concept of multiplication. For more information, please refer to the Parents Letter unit 5 #1 and unit5 #2

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