Week of January 8

Dear parents,                                

Happy new year! I hope you and your family had a fabulous holiday and you all are well rested so that you are ready for 2018. Thank you very much in advance for your continuing support and understanding!


We are no longer 12- we are 13! This Friday,  Nakshatra from India joined us. We are very excited! Welcome, Nakshatra!

Photos of the Week


This week, we started our unit 4: Perimeter, Area and Polygons, which is about geometry and measurement. During the first two weeks starting this week, we will be focusing on the understanding of perimeter and area as well as on the skills of finding and measuring the perimeter and the area of 2D shapes. Please refer to the Unit 4 Parents Letter (Letter #2) for further information.


Our Poetry unit has continued. The students have learned that poems are not just to read to self and enjoy- they are also a means to express ourselves. We continued exploring the messages and feelings from various poems and thought of ways to best describe and present them. The students also memorised their individually-selected poem and practiced for a recital, thinking how best they could present the poem’s message and rhythm.


  • Please make sure that your child brings in a water bottle every day
  • Please make sure that your child comes in full uniform (with tie and buttons fastened)

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