Week of November 13

Dear Parents ,

We are getting close to the end of the semester (and the Christmas holiday!) and we have Christmas Concert coming up, which has started keeping us busy! Here is our learning schedule for the next two weeks and beyond.



The students  have completed  their information writing. They followed the writing process and self assessed their writing against the writing checklist. This self assessment informed them of room for further elaboration and refinement and they worked further accordingly. The students utilised the checklist better than last time!

Same as in the last unit, the students typed their writing for publishing. Typing and adjusting layout require perseverance. Since  this is an important skill today (and it requires a lot of  time for mastery) we are working on it!

Our next unit is Poetry. Our primary goals are:

  • to appreciate poems through creating mental imagery
  • to express our thoughts/emotions/ideas through a form/voice of poetry.

For the rest of the semester, we will be exploring different forms of poetryWe will learn  strategies to generate ideas. Then, we will develop our own poetic voice and work towards expressing ourr thoughts, emotions, and feelings by creating our own poetry.


The students read a lot of nonfiction books the last two weeks. This week, we focused on narrative nonfiction texts and learned authors’ strategies to teach about a topic while telling a story. The students also recorded their retelling on Seesaw.

Our next unit for reading is also Poetry. We will explore a lot of poems to learn good strategies as well as to enjoy authors’ word works.


We will be continuing working on addition and subtraction operation with numbers up to 1000. We have inquired into efficient ways to deal with three digit numbers. The students are expected to solve three digit addition and subtraction problems  mentally. The skill of estimating the sum of two numbers as well as addition strategies (e.g., make 10 strategy, doubles) are helpful. We practiced the strategies through games. Next week, we will be solving addition problems with 2 and 3 digit numbers developing strategies such as breaking numbers apart and recombining them. The following week’s focus will be subtraction. When numbers are big, subtraction is especially challenging. We will revisit the concept of subtraction and work on the skills, attending to accuracy and fluency.


Monday, November 20th (after Christmas Bazaar): It will be a late start for students. Children are to arrive at 10:25 am for periods 3-6. Period 3 will start from 10:30 and the rest of the day will follow a normal Monday 1 schedule.

Christmas concert: December 1st, 2017 from 6pm
All students in the Montessori, French and Elementary school will have a late start to the school day. Children are expected to arrive at 1pm on this day.
Children will go directly to classes. We will have a full dress rehearsal followed by an early dinner. Children may bring their dinner from home or may choose to use Cezars kitchen as usual.   Regarding items needed for our performance, we are finalising our plan at the moment. We will send you a separate mail regarding this. Thank you for your patience!

Here are some photos from the past weeks. Enjoy!

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