Week of Oct 30

Thank you for coming to Sports Day and I hope you enjoyed yourself and became a little sweaty!

Here are some notes for the next two weeks.


Our focus for the week of November 6 will continue to be on measurement. We aim to be able to understand the relationship between inches, feet and yards and convert one unit of measurement to another fluently. After that, we will move on to the next unit:  the number system up to 1000. We aim to extend our knowledge by reading, writing and sequencing numbers to 1000. We will be using place value to determine the size of any number to 1000. For more information, please refer to this letter.


We will be finalising our information writing. Emphasis will be on elaboration and editing.  The students will be given individual feedback to revise and edit their draft. They will be challenged to try applying new learning into their writing as well as to work on improving the repertoire of skills they learned in former years. They will be encouraged to type their written work.


We will be reading nonfiction texts, learning and applying new reading strategies. We have started reading narrative nonfiction. The students are working hard on sophisticated reading that requires them to read what is not directly taught in a text e.g., character traits, motivations and life lessons. When we talk about a text, what we say should be always supported by evidence in the text. Reading fluently, in a way people can easily understand, and working out tricky words will also be one of our continued focuses.


Please could you double check and encourage your child to:

  • Leave home, in full uniform with their tie and buttons done up
  • Arrive at the classroom ready to start the first period at 8:15 sharp. The students usually need about five minutes to organise themselves and get ready for the first lesson
  • Have a bag for his/her P.E. shoes. Some shoes are still left on the floor and get kicked or blocking the way.
  • Use simple stationeries. Toy stationeries such as fancy pencil cases and erasers often distract students’ learning.


Many children are already usually arriving prepared (thank you), but a little reminder would help many others, thank you.

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