Feeding Our Inquiring Minds

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Join us as we continue to develop our skills for research and inquiry this month. We have been doing a lot of engagements across all subjects that allow us to learn and gather information.

International Primary Curriculum (IPC): Bright Sparks

We had Circuit Stations to know what a circuit is and to explore how it works. Each station required us to do a task or a challenge. We recorded the data we discovered in our investigation sheet.

Field trip to TEPCO Kawasaki Thermal Power Station: We learned how the power plant generates electricity. We had a tour around the power plant and got to ask questions to the guides after the tour. Thank you to Mrs. Kugawa, Mrs. Liggins and Mrs. Garcia for helping us out during the field trip.

We gathered a variety of objects that are made from different materials. We tested each object if it was a conductor or insulator by using a circuit.

To wrap up our unit, we worked individually, in pairs or in a small group to come up with a public service announcement about electrical safety.


We are learning to sort data and put them in different categories using a venn diagram.


We learned how to notice the literary language that authors use when they write stories. They use comparisons and play with words.


We have been reading and writing a lot of poems. We discovered that poets us poets’ eyes to describe an object in an unusual or different way. This makes their poem more interesting.

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