Welcoming the New Year

Dear Parents,

Happy new year ! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are energised for the latter half of the semester! We will have another busy, yet exciting semester. Your support is much appreciated!

New friends

Grade Two has welcomed two new friends, Macyn (2F) and Adam (2S). We are very excited to have them in G2!


International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

We started our new inquiry unit Bright Sparks this week. We will aim to understand that electricity is a kind of energy that must be used responsibly or there will be consequences through questions such as:

  • What is electricity and how does it work?
  • How has electricity changed our lives?
  • What is our responsibility when using electricity?

This unit will involve scientific experiments and it will be exciting! This week, we heard a lot of sounds that electricity creates and then guessed what create those sounds. Then, we started thinking about electricity deeply.



Structured Word Inquiry (SWI)

This week, we looked at the keywords from the IPC, then we looked for affixes by reasoning. We also investigated the words: electricity, conductor and insulator, using a Frayer Diagram. We looked into the meaning and word sum. In the coming days, we will look for words that share the same root as well as trying to make sentences with the words.


For the past two weeks, we have been working on addition and subtraction with 2 and 3 addends. We have been trying to choose the best strategy available to solve problems efficiently. The students are encouraged to read questions carefully and multiple times before asking for help and also to avoid errors. We also investigated into odd and even numbers. Next week, we will work on counting by 2s and 5s and utilise this when solving story problems with efficiency.



We have been working to find out the main idea and important details that go with it from an information book. In addition, we have been challenged to find important details that go with a subtopic from two, books about the same topic. We have also been trying to retell/summarise in our own words. We have also learned to find keywords and unknown words and to figure out the meaning, using the strategies taught.



We have been working on our information book with some chapters. It is very important to keep referring to our writing plan to write a lot and not to sidetrack. We are also using the checklist to self-assess our writing to improve it. Next week, we will continue working on it to publish.


We learned what warm and cold colours are. Then, we traced a fallen leaf and drew many straight lines inside to create sharp shapes. Finally, we coloured in the shapes with water colours, trying to make gradation.


Upcoming Events

  • Fun Day (Jan 25, details to be announced later)
  • Field trip to TEPCO (2F and French 1,2 to go on Jan 30, and 2S to go on Jan 31)

2S is still looking for a parent chaperone who can speak both in English and Japanese. The staff in TEPCO communicate in Japanese so we would appreciate it if we can have one more parent volunteer who can help us out. Please send an email if you want to volunteer.