Happy Holidays


We learned the different features of a nonfiction text for the past weeks. We read a lot of nonfiction texts during our reading workshops which helped us identify the features. We also compared the similarities and differences of the texts we read.

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We started writing our lab reports for our information text. We had several experiments which helped us understand the parts of a lab report namely: question, hypothesis, materials and procedure, recording results, analyzing data and conclusion. We are also currently editing and revising our nonfiction text. We chose our own topic for this nonfiction text and we are applying what we learned from our readers and writers workshop to help us write our own.


In Maths, we continued learning about 2D and 3D shapes using different manipulatives. We also deepened our knowledge about the features of the shapes by learning about their number of faces, vertices and right angles. We used pattern blocks to make symmetrical shapes.

We started unit 3 this week. We are learning about number strings.  Looking for doubles and numbers that make 10 help us solve addition equations faster. We played a game called “Beat the Calculator” to help us improve our speed and accuracy when adding numbers.


We are about to end our Brain unit in IPC. We learned different parts of the brain and how it functions but most importantly, we identified ways on how we can make our brain and body healthier and stronger. To gain more facts and knowledge, we read books and watched videos. We also asked our own question about the unit. We researched for the answers and will be presenting our findings to our classmates.


We worked on our fine motor skill by cutting out different shapes. We tried our best to make symmetrical snowflakes just in time for the Christmas season!


Thank you for watching us during our Christmas concert and assembly! -From 2S


Thank you Mr. Sho Uehara for taking a video of the assembly and for sharing it with us. Please click on this link: https://www.icloud.com/photos/#0HxQwVTCPeM4WXbXnbt7omh9w . You can view this video until January 7, 2019.

Doughnut Time

Thank you for taking time to buy doughnuts for us! We really enjoyed it.

Secret Santa

2S, 2F and French School exchanged their presents today. They were thankful and excited for the gifts they got from their Secret Santa.

Secret Santa videos:




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Image result for happy holidays gif





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