Busy bees this October

Structured Word Inquiry

We started to explore base words, prefixes and suffixes. This will help us understand how spelling works as we will be able to understand the meaning of a word through inquiry. We had a sorting out activity wherein we grouped words together according to what makes sense to us. Then we identified the base word for each word and realized that the words that were given can be sorted out in two groups: words with prefixes and words with suffixes.


We will learn about word sums, word families and investigating the the meaning of words in SWI. We will use this process to help us understand the key vocabulary needed in IPC.


We worked hard to prepare for our Teach the Teacher unit wherein we shared our skill, talents and interests. We had fun learning from our classmates. We learned goal keeping, shooting and dribbling in football from Hemaksh, Sena and Ryo. Mile, Lily and Sarah taught us drawing and painting techniques.  Georgia taught us how to sing. We learned simple Irish dance steps from Erika. Karen and Danielle shared their knowledge in tennis. Shun showed us how to swing a club. We got our hands dirty by making slime care of Aanya. William and Yosuke shared their skills in building different lego pieces. Jeanee taught us how to count in French and we learned hanbok origami from Ha-rin.

Here are some photos of the presentation:


We are learning strategies that we can use for adding and subtracting: using or fingers, using a number line, using blocks, making tally marks or drawings. We are also working on our comprehension so we can easily solve word problems.


We are currently revising and editing our first narrative writing piece. We will be ready to publish after the break. We also learned about proofreading marks. This is important for us to know so we know how we can make our writing better.

In reading we are still working on our stamina and also learning how to read tricky words with team vowels.


Mystery Readers

Thank you very much to Hemaksh’s mom, Krutika, for being our Mystery Reader last week. This week, Ryo’s dad, Steve also surprised  2S and read a story for us too.

International Day

Thank you to the parents who presented. We definitely learned a lot about various countries and their culture. Thank you also for preparing food for us. It was delicious!


Reading Fun Day

We dressed up as our favorite book character. We had a lot of activities. We decorated our door, we had a book cover tour, storytelling and workshops in the afternoon. It was a great activity to end our week and celebrate our love for reading.


Book Cover Tour


Quiet Reading and Story Telling



Enjoy your holiday from 2S!