Getting our routines started


We were introduced with some tools that we will be using during math workshops. We used cubes and pattern blocks and had some activities that taught us how to count accurately. We also had a pair work wherein we built different objects using the cubes and pattern blocks.



We also had a scavenger hunt. We had to find number cards hidden in the classroom and put it in the pocket chart. We are also learning about the value of different coins: penny, dime, nickel and quarter.

We are also using patterns to help us count in the correct sequence. We are also working on improving our comprehension when solving short word problems.


We started our buddy reading routine. We must remember to:

  • Sit side by side

  • Book in the middle

  • Take turns

  • Build good habits together

  • Grow ideas together (talk about the text)

Now that we are in second grade, we are not only going to decide WHAT we want to read, we will also decide HOW we are going to read. We can read with different emotions and voices to make our reading more interesting.  Some of us chose to ready in happy, sad, excited, upset, sleepy, using a pirate voice and a whole lot more!

We are also learning how to read tricky words in grade 2! We roll up our sleeves and think of all the strategies that can help us read unfamiliar words.


We spent a lot of time exploring ways on how we can gather ideas before we write a story. We can use a mind map or a list and jot them down in our notebook. We are also learning how to create small moments by choosing scenarios that are memorable to us and trying to add details to it.

We are currently in the process of revising our first narrative piece. We learned from master authors that we can revise in different ways.


We identified our skill, talent and interest. At the end of our unit, we would like to share our skills and talents with our classmates. We had a fun braid making activity so our teachers can model how we can share our skills or talents with others.

We are working hard for our presentation. We planned for what we want to show our classmates and now we are finalizing our plans.


We made a self-portrait. We used colored paper, markers, colored pencils and oil pastels. It was an observational drawing. Each of us had a mirror which helped us draw how we look like. Before we drew, we talked about what makes us unique and what we like. We draw different things on the background that describe us.

Mystery Reader

We had a visit from our first mystery reader, Mrs. Colleen Flint. She read a book entitled Little Pink Pup. We had fun listening to the story. We hope we can have more mystery readers in our class!