Exciting week 1

We were all excited to be back in school! At the beginning, we were still a bit shy but after recess it was evident that we had a looottt of stories to tell. The first week was spent on getting to know our classmates and talking about what we did during our summer break.


All about me

We wrote about our favorite food, game, cartoon, information about our family etc. We also wrote our names on our All About Me sheet and we designed it too!

Last Summer

Our first writing piece is about the places we visited during our summer vacation


We also had a chance to get to know our classmates by interviewing them and asking questions.


We learned about the 5 finger rule to help us choose best fit books. We had quiet reading time in the classroom. We will have readers workshop and talk about reading with partners next week.


Book Shopping Tuesdays!

Starting next week, we will borrow 5 classroom library books.

    • Tues 1 : beginning of P3, a 15 minute book shopping activity
    • Tues 2:  beginning of P3, a 15 minute book shopping activity
  • Teachers record the number of books borrowed per child
  • Students record the titles of their books in their reading log
  • Students them in their zippy bag
  • BRING all  of the books to school at once on the following Tuesday
  • Students return books in the right bin.


We had our pre- test for the first unit. We will be learn to tell time by the hour and we will recall our number sense next week.  We will be using different tools during our Math workshops.

IPC : Teach the teacher (1st unit)

Our first unit in IPC is about identifying our skills and talents. Throughout the unit, we will think of ways on how we can share our skills and talents with others. We had our tuning-in activity in IPC. We watched videos of kids playing musical instruments, skimmed some books about painting and art and analyzed photos of different athletes . We then filled out a see-think-wonder chart.


Next week, we will discover our own skills and talents. We will also start planning on how we can share our skills and talents to our classmates.

Information Technology

We had our first IT class this week. We were given our own school e-mail address. It took a while for us to log in to our e-mail because this is the first time we have done it. We also started practicing our typing skills this period. We will continue with our typing activities during IT and we will also learn about digital citizenship.



We used xylophones  and other music instruments during our first Music class.

We enjoyed our PE class! We played different games and had lots of fun. It was a bit hot in the gym so it’s important to bring our water bottles every time so we can keep ourselves hydrated.


We play Achi-Pachi and Pink Toes when we want to get our wiggles out! Hopefully we get to play fun classroom games in the next weeks to come.

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