January 25

Dear Parents,

I hope you and your family had a lovely weekend! Here is some information about our learning. 



Our new unit has started, to develop the understanding  that ‘We learn about the past from evidence that is left behind’. We looked at our own personal history using our parents and artefacts as resources. We also watched videos about paleontologists and archaeologists and discussed the difference, as well as how they contribute to find out interesting facts from the past. We also visited the National Museum of Nature & Science. We had the opportunity to see a lot of artefacts and fossils and made connections to what we had learned. Thank you very much for coming with us Mrs. Fishburn, Ms. Lecybil and Mrs. Godwin!

Overview of our Poetry Unit 

We have started our poetry unit. The early part of the unit introduces the students to the sounds and feelings of poetry by having them read poems aloud. The brevity and music of poetry invites repeated readings and by reading poems again and again children will begin to internalise the varied rhythms of this genre. They will experiment with line breaks as they come to understand that a poem is different from a story.

As the unit progress, children will recognise that in a poem, choice and placement of words matter more than ever. They will experiment with metaphors, deepening their ability to see like poets. We will focus on meaning and crafting through repetition, metaphor, white space, and language (how poets choose precise words and convey feelings). Lastly, children will explore various natural structures of poems such as story poems, poems with a back and forth structure and list poems.


This week, we learned the word ‘attribute’ and described attributes of objects and sorted objects by attributes. We also deepened our understanding through games.


  • Jan 31: Fun day (and Bake Sale)
  • Feb 7: 2F assembly (You are of course invited!)

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