December 13

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support during the first semester (it passed so quickly!). I really enjoyed working with you and your children. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


We learned the different features of a nonfiction text during the past weeks. We read a lot of nonfiction texts during our reading workshops which helped us to identify the text features. We also compared the similarities and differences between  the texts we read. 

During the winter break, please encourage your child to read everyday for at least twenty minutes. 


We have each chosen a topic for our own information book and have been working on it, applying strategies learned from Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. Our information text will have at least three chapters and we are following the writing process to not sidetrack and to make sure our writing is organised and effective. Since information text should be based on facts, we have also 

identified and utilised some ways to access facts we need for our own information books, which is fun! We are practice writing, focusing on the writing procedures and applying strategies. In January, we will start writing another piece and publish ti .



We are working hard to try to find ways to add and subtract even more efficiently and then, to practice applying the strategies quickly–and without an error. After the holiday, we will start addition story problems and subtraction problems with multiple addends. During holiday, your child may revise what she/he has learned (unit 1 and 2; workbooks have been returned). You can keep the workbooks at home.


We finished the Freeze it! unit. We investigated freezing point of ice, juice, milk, honey mixture and etc. this experiment also reinforced our understanding of the three states of matter: liquid, solid and gas. As a closing activity, we made lollies and enjoyed them!


We worked on our fine motor skills by cutting out different shapes. We tried our best to make symmetrical snowflakes just in time for Christmas!

Last day of first semester

We had a lot of fun activities this week! 

Thank you very much Class Mom Mrs. Godwin and Mrs.Fishburn for organising the fun, delicious Potluck Party! Thank you also all parents for your support throughout the semester! I will enjoy a big cup of coffee over the holiday.

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