September 27

Dear Parents,

Here is some learning information and some photos – enjoy! 



Children are used to the routine of book shopping. They are using the Five Finger Rule when choosing just right books. 

They are also setting personal reading stamina goals. Thank you for helping your child to monitor his/her own reading! 

For the past few weeks, children worked on fluency, stamina, and comprehension. They also worked hard to solve tricky words. 

Learning includes:

  • good readers ask questions and wonder about stories
  • take a ‘sneak peek’ before starting reading a book
  • read a book in the way that the author wants me to read
  • read in bigger scoops
  • read, pausing at times, and retell big events in order
  • come up with a question or an idea about a book
  • work out a tricky word using more than one strategy


Children are revising and editing their small moment stories, using strategies taught and teacher  feedback. Next week, they will learn to self assess and improve their writing using a checklist. 

Learning includes:

  • come up with small, meaningful moments to tell
  • write about just one moment/event in one story
  • write exactly what happened in each part bit by bit
  • revise the beginning and the end of a story
  • use correct end punctuation 
  • add appropriate connective words and transition words


This week, we practiced adding and subtracting through fun games. We learned ‘Make 10’. We watched graphics, fun videos and used manipulatives to visualise 10 in many ways. This promotes number sense. You may refer to the family letter for more information.


This week, our work was again connected with our current writing unit: small moment story. We thought about a moment (story) and identified associated emotion(s). Then, we expressed the emotion(s) by selecting lines and colours that fit best. 

Structured Word Inquiry (SWI) 

The past couple of weeks, we focused on Structured Word Inquiry (word study + inquiry skills). We inquired into prefixes, suffixes, base words and ‘word sums’. We also looked at some words and made hypotheses of the meaning of the affixes. Students are encouraged to apply this knowledge when they encounter with unknown words.

International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

This week, we started our new inquiry unit; It’s Shocking! This unit will involve scientific experiment and it will be exciting! We set out to understand that electricity is a kind of energy that must be used responsibly or there will be consequences. We investigate these and other questions:

  • What is electricity and how does it work?
  • How has electricity changed our lives?
  • What is our responsibility when using electricity?

This week, we heard a lot of sounds associated with electricity and then guessed what the source of each sound was. A reminder to please review the Unit Letter (vocabulary) and send to your email address on September 19 with your child.



  • Please make sure your child only brings what is necessary for learning. Fancy  stationery and accessories can become a distraction.
  • Thursday, October 3 is our Yearbook Photo-Shooting Day. Please make sure your child is wearing his/her full winter uniform.

September 13

Dear Parents,

It’s been (almost) a month since the new school year started. The children are happy and excited about the new school year. They are now familiar with most of the class routines, especially in the morning when they arrive at school. They are very quick learners! They are currently working hard to listen attentively when necessary and to stay on task. Self regulation is not easy at this age, however, it is a very important skill.

Here is a short video to show the recent weeks of the students’ learning. Enjoy!

Have a nice weekend!

Five Finger Rule

This week has been a week to familiarise ourselves with our reader’s workshop routines and our class library.  Grade 2 readers make lots of decisions to become stronger readers. Having new sets of routines is not easy, but 2F readers are persevering and trying hard. 


Please ask (with enthusiasm) what your child has learned about and enjoy a family conversation:

  • What are Good Fit Books ?
  • What is the Five Finger Rule? 
  • How should we treat our books?
  • How can we choose home readers?

Please do not worry if your child does not remember every detail. It’s a lot of information! We will practice this all over and over again.