Publishing our first book

Dear families,

I wanted to make a blog post so that you could see some of the resources we use at school to help us with our writing process.

We will be sending home their first rough copy of their books this week and they will get a chance to “publish” it at home! We have already gone through and graded them using the rubric on their rough copy (the kids did a kid friendly one on their own work), but will need their rough copy back. We also ask that you sign the teacher graded checklist, and that MUST be returned. We ask that they finish their book and bring it by Tuesday, October 10th.

The students have the weekend and Monday to copy their story down onto the new paper while also getting to work on their best handwriting. Our rough copies can be messy because we have added a lot of information. Re-writing will give them a chance to make sure everything is in the right place. We also want to give them enough time to work on their pictures to make sure they are the best they can be! They may also finish their title page and even add a short blurb on the back of their books!
Their cover page is separated from their main book so that I can laminate it as well. So a reminder the blank page that is stapled is the back!

This would be a great time for you to sit with your child and ask them questions about the writing process and see how they collect their ideas and put it on to paper.

We do ask that you not do the following, and recommended ways to help them instead. This is their first published piece in first grade and they will have mistakes, we are not expecting perfectly spelled books or totally full sentences!

-Don’t tell them how to spell every word correctly…
…. If a word is not spelled write help them sound out parts that may be missing/different and ask which letters they could use to make that sound.

-Don’t tell them what to write…
… Ask them “who, what, when, where, why, how” questions to help clarify their ideas.


How to write a story

Ways to bring our stories to life

Techniques we have learned from other authors,
Feel free to add more of these to your book!