Blog update

Sorry for the delay in an update, the end of the year just flies by!

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks, including our PAX reward of getting to cover the tables in shaving cream and paint. It was a ton of fun and hopefully created some great memories 😉

Readers workshop
We have finished up learning about our fiction story units. We had our post it notes focus on building comprehension skills and also looking at how fiction books may not teach us facts, but teach us lessons instead that we can relate to our own lives.

Writers workshop
We are just finishing up our realistic fiction series books. They have learned to talk about setting and writing an intro book to teach their readers about their different characters. They then wrote 2+ books where their characters got into different kind of trouble. I will be sending home their books with marks early next week for you to check.

We will then be starting a little poetry unit along with studying more word inquiry at the end of the year.

We are on to our final unit!!! We will be looking at 3D shapes. Please check the math tab above for more details.

They have been working super hard on researching different kinds of insects. They are looking at what they eat, where they live, and how insects and plants are interdependent on each other. We have about 6 insects we are researching and they will each take turns making a poster and teaching the class.


April 5th

Writers and Readers Workshop
Students have been working hard on creating their own series fiction books. They are working on character development which will connect between their different texts. While reading they have been trying to find series books and see how they teach about character and see how their personalities are similar between books (friendly, clumsy, grumpy etc.). We have been having a lot of conversations about how books can be our teachers and how we need to see how famous authors write, and see how can use those same ideas in our books.


We have been working on building patterns and also looking at number patterns. We have talked about our “penny jar” and creating patterns where we add more or take away some counters from a jar/the paper. We have even switched it up to where they start on a different number to check and see if they can still notice patterns that are not as common. Example rather than 3, 6, 9, 12 doing 2, 5, 8, 11

We are starting our flowers and insects unit. We have just gotten our pre assessments done and are looking forward to being scientist when planting plants and examine seeds. We will also be working on our big research project where we will look into different insects and see how plants and insects work together.

Makers Space
Makers Space has been a hit!!! They have been loving building their marble mazes with Mr. Levy. You will be surprised at their creativity when you bring them home next week.


March 1st

Dear families,

Lots of finishing up the past 2 weeks!

Readers workshop
We had a celebration with 1G where we talked about all the tools we use when we get stuck. They have been working on stopping to solve new words, and building up their comprehension skills. When they are reading at home feel free to do a quick “stop and make sure you are getting it” and ask what is happening or what they have learned so far.

Writers Workshop
We finished up our last review piece Friday!!!! I will be sending home their copy with some comments early next week so you can see how they have been doing. We will be starting our fiction unit soon.

This week we spent some time figuring out what animals are critically endangered animals and decided to look into the Sumatran Rhino and Amur Leopard. We will be doing some more research soon and having our art show from 2:45 on Tuesday, March 12th.


February 15

We are starting unit 6!
We will be working on some number problems over the coming week.
Check the blog for activities that would be fun to practice at home.

Writers Workshop
We have put a little more pressure on and working on building up our stamina and writing more per period. They have stepped up and are doing well at it! They are writing 2-4 pages per class and learning to follow our detailed.

Readers Workshop
We are working on building our comprehension skills and making sure we are keeping track of what is happening. We talk about how we read to learn or enjoy, so even if you read the words right it won’t matter.
Feel free to stop every few pages while reading and ask them what is happening, and what they predict will happen next based on what they have read so far.

Valentine’s Day
We had a mini party and the kids love building relationships and working together on accomplishing common goals during our activities.

100 Day
We got to celebrate 100 Day on Friday. We had some fun activities to practice our counting and to celebrate all the learning that has taken place so far this year. Here is what we are going to look like!!! We also wrote about what we will be like when we are 100.


February 8th

Remember we are collecting PET bottle caps all year long! Please bring them in as it helps many children gets vaccinations.

We got some new toys for playground time, they are excited to learn about some new toys to play with so we went over the rules together.

Student-led conferences
We have had quite a few gone over the past two weeks due to sickness (hopefully it will end soon!) We appreciate your understanding if some students things may be missing a few items. I will do my best to help out on the day for those who did not get time to practice.

Remember this is a day to focus on your child being the teacher, we talked about elaborating and explaining their learning, but feel free to ask away to help them expand on their ideas even more, this will help them build up more detailed ways to explain their learning. This can be done in English or your home language.

The kids have been LOVING this measurement unit! They have been working together and learning how using different units can create different totals.



January 2019 Please check the Student Council blog about Valentines.

Sorry for the delay on blog updates this year.

Readers workshop
We are working on “being the boss” of our reading and working on taking control of our reading by making sure we know what is going on.  (We will give you a bookmark about this at conferences)

We are also working on building up our comprehension skills and making sure to pay attention to what is happening and following the story. It would be great if you could ask them what is happening when reading with them at home.

Writers workshop
Working on persuasive writing and convincing people which item was best in our collections by giving multiple reasons and giving examples to back up our ideas.

We have also now started writing reviews about restaurants and also our favorite classes. We will share one of these with you on the conference day.

We have started measuring and the kids LOVE LOVE LOVE measuring and finding out how long objects are. We are using informal measurement tools now such as paper clips, cubes, and tiles. Feel free to ask how long objects are at home and will definitely kill some time inside during winter while practicing their skills!

Kathryn Claire
Kathryn Claire came to visit again for the 2nd time. She is absolutely wonderful and the kids enjoyed singing some songs with her. 

HELLO from Kathryn Claire. You can also visit her Youtube LIVE Playlist to watch videos or Kathryn’s original music or visit her Website for even more information.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear families,

Sorry for the delay in blog posts. The end of the year always flies by with many events and deadlines.

We have just finished with Unit 3 and will begin Unit 4 upon returning, the info for Unit 4 is here or accessible from the top bar under the Math section.
They had a ton of fun learning about some word problems as well as using learning tools to help them solve addition and subtraction problems. We had a few talks about making sure to really read and understand the problem so they will know if it is an addition or subtraction problem.

Readers Workshop
The kids have been doing a great job at learning to be enthusiastic non-fiction readers. They are learning to build up their fluency by reading like they are in an adventure. We came up with “putting some parmesan cheese on it”, or “give it some more flavor” as ways to make our reading more exciting. We have talked about using the table of contents and how we can begin to look for information.
Over break make sure to give them reminders about building their good reading habits and using their book mark for reminders and/or goal setting. Especially sneak peaks and doing something at the end.

Writers Workshop
Their books are really coming along and will finish shortly after returning from break. They have shown so much progress and amazing to see how much more they are writing. They have really begun to show a desire and motivation to want to write which is so great to see! Our next step is making sure to go back and re-read what we wrote so we can work on our editing skills.

Christmas Concert
Thank you for all your support and encouragement at our concert, the kids all worked so hard and put on such an amazing show!

Tech practice
If you child gets computer time we are working on typing in websites. They can practice typing in: and going to Teach Your Monster To Read.

Spirit Week
They all dressed up so lovely and had a ton of fun celebrating school spirit!



November 16th

First time playing with robots!

I ordered 3 sphero mini’s for the class and it was our first time getting to try them out on Friday! They are a ton of fun and a great first robot! Below are two mini videos showing the kids play. If you are interested in some Christmas presents I highly suggest one of these! – Amazon – Promo video

Kids videos



The kids have been working on solving addition words problems, and will start subtraction next week. They have also been working on finding multiple ways to solve a problems that has the same answer; ex: 4+4 and 5+3 =8

Readers and Writers

Non fiction has been a ton of fun and they love sharing what they have learned and creating their own books. We have talked about sounding smooth and lively while reading. Ask them to do some “parmesan cheese” reading and see what they say!


Please check out the link that is in the email for photos from the field trip.

Thank you SOOO much again for all the families who came to help! The kids were amazing and couldn’t have asked for a smoother day.

November 1st

The kids have had a ton of fun learning about shapes and how they can combine them to make different objects. We spent the last week building “quilt” designs where they had different shapes to make an array pattern.
We finished up our second unit today, an update from unit 3 will be posted next week.

Readers workshop
We finished up our small moments units and have just begun non-fiction. We will begin looking at how these texts are organized and how we can use a table of contents to find out specific information. There are often times new content specific vocabulary that may be difficult to read, but they are often super engaged and love to talk about what they have learned.

Writers workshop
We are making our own teaching books, and this week has been an amazing opportunity to find out some more of the kids interests. They will be looking into creating their own non-fiction chapter books where they can teach their peers.

We have also just finished our unit on the Brain! It was an amazing chance for students to get the chance to make learning authentic and look for ways they use their brain, while also looking for ways to improve ourselves while learning about being persistent and resilient when facing new challenges! The next few weeks will focus on word inquiry and getting ready for our Christmas concert!!