April 5th

Writers and Readers Workshop
Students have been working hard on creating their own series fiction books. They are working on character development which will connect between their different texts. While reading they have been trying to find series books and see how they teach about character and see how their personalities are similar between books (friendly, clumsy, grumpy etc.). We have been having a lot of conversations about how books can be our teachers and how we need to see how famous authors write, and see how can use those same ideas in our books.


We have been working on building patterns and also looking at number patterns. We have talked about our “penny jar” and creating patterns where we add more or take away some counters from a jar/the paper. We have even switched it up to where they start on a different number to check and see if they can still notice patterns that are not as common. Example rather than 3, 6, 9, 12 doing 2, 5, 8, 11

We are starting our flowers and insects unit. We have just gotten our pre assessments done and are looking forward to being scientist when planting plants and examine seeds. We will also be working on our big research project where we will look into different insects and see how plants and insects work together.

Makers Space
Makers Space has been a hit!!! They have been loving building their marble mazes with Mr. Levy. You will be surprised at their creativity when you bring them home next week.