February 15

We are starting unit 6!
We will be working on some number problems over the coming week.
Check the blog for activities that would be fun to practice at home.

Writers Workshop
We have put a little more pressure on and working on building up our stamina and writing more per period. They have stepped up and are doing well at it! They are writing 2-4 pages per class and learning to follow our detailed.

Readers Workshop
We are working on building our comprehension skills and making sure we are keeping track of what is happening. We talk about how we read to learn or enjoy, so even if you read the words right it won’t matter.
Feel free to stop every few pages while reading and ask them what is happening, and what they predict will happen next based on what they have read so far.

Valentine’s Day
We had a mini party and the kids love building relationships and working together on accomplishing common goals during our activities.

100 Day
We got to celebrate 100 Day on Friday. We had some fun activities to practice our counting and to celebrate all the learning that has taken place so far this year. Here is what we are going to look like!!! We also wrote about what we will be like when we are 100.


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