Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear families,

Sorry for the delay in blog posts. The end of the year always flies by with many events and deadlines.

We have just finished with Unit 3 and will begin Unit 4 upon returning, the info for Unit 4 is here or accessible from the top bar under the Math section.
They had a ton of fun learning about some word problems as well as using learning tools to help them solve addition and subtraction problems. We had a few talks about making sure to really read and understand the problem so they will know if it is an addition or subtraction problem.

Readers Workshop
The kids have been doing a great job at learning to be enthusiastic non-fiction readers. They are learning to build up their fluency by reading like they are in an adventure. We came up with “putting some parmesan cheese on it”, or “give it some more flavor” as ways to make our reading more exciting. We have talked about using the table of contents and how we can begin to look for information.
Over break make sure to give them reminders about building their good reading habits and using their book mark for reminders and/or goal setting. Especially sneak peaks and doing something at the end.

Writers Workshop
Their books are really coming along and will finish shortly after returning from break. They have shown so much progress and amazing to see how much more they are writing. They have really begun to show a desire and motivation to want to write which is so great to see! Our next step is making sure to go back and re-read what we wrote so we can work on our editing skills.

Christmas Concert
Thank you for all your support and encouragement at our concert, the kids all worked so hard and put on such an amazing show!

Tech practice
If you child gets computer time we are working on typing in websites. They can practice typing in: and going to Teach Your Monster To Read.

Spirit Week
They all dressed up so lovely and had a ton of fun celebrating school spirit!