November 16th

First time playing with robots!

I ordered 3 sphero mini’s for the class and it was our first time getting to try them out on Friday! They are a ton of fun and a great first robot! Below are two mini videos showing the kids play. If you are interested in some Christmas presents I highly suggest one of these! – Amazon – Promo video

Kids videos



The kids have been working on solving addition words problems, and will start subtraction next week. They have also been working on finding multiple ways to solve a problems that has the same answer; ex: 4+4 and 5+3 =8

Readers and Writers

Non fiction has been a ton of fun and they love sharing what they have learned and creating their own books. We have talked about sounding smooth and lively while reading. Ask them to do some “parmesan cheese” reading and see what they say!


Please check out the link that is in the email for photos from the field trip.

Thank you SOOO much again for all the families who came to help! The kids were amazing and couldn’t have asked for a smoother day.

November 1st

The kids have had a ton of fun learning about shapes and how they can combine them to make different objects. We spent the last week building “quilt” designs where they had different shapes to make an array pattern.
We finished up our second unit today, an update from unit 3 will be posted next week.

Readers workshop
We finished up our small moments units and have just begun non-fiction. We will begin looking at how these texts are organized and how we can use a table of contents to find out specific information. There are often times new content specific vocabulary that may be difficult to read, but they are often super engaged and love to talk about what they have learned.

Writers workshop
We are making our own teaching books, and this week has been an amazing opportunity to find out some more of the kids interests. They will be looking into creating their own non-fiction chapter books where they can teach their peers.

We have also just finished our unit on the Brain! It was an amazing chance for students to get the chance to make learning authentic and look for ways they use their brain, while also looking for ways to improve ourselves while learning about being persistent and resilient when facing new challenges! The next few weeks will focus on word inquiry and getting ready for our Christmas concert!!