October 12

Writer’s Workshop

This week was our last final week (we will finish next week) to work on their small moment books. They have picked their two best books, and working on editing and revising them to make them the best they can be!


They have really enjoyed working on the brain and got to make a fun brain hat this week. They are learning about how different parts of the brain can do different things, with focusing how we have a left and right side, along with things the brain is control of such as breathing, moving body parts, etc.

The kids have been doing a great job at learning about shapes and all of their qualities. They are able to sort and describe shapes and played a game of what’s my rule where they classify different shapes into two piles and the other have to “guess the rule.”



October 5th

Wooohooo we had our first assembly!!

They were all super nervous before hand, but went on stage and knocked it out of the park! They loved all the games and were full of excited smiles the whole time.

We have started learning about shapes and using tangrams to realize how larger shapes are made up of smaller shapes. They took hope a page today to find some rectangles at home as well.
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Readers workshop
They will take home a bookmark on Monday during conferences. We are working on making sure all of our “post it” notes are becoming habits and something we do without even thinking about ti!

Writers workshop
We have talked about reading like a writer and how we can look at what amazing authors do how use those same ideas to add amazing craft moves into own books.