September 28th

Seems like time has literally been flying by the past few weeks!

Readers workshop

The kids have really begun to build up their reading time and focus. We have been working on building their good reading habits such as doing sneak peaks and doing something at the end. When reading at home you can ask them to take more sneak peaks about what they think will happen next.
We have also begun to to work on strategies for hard to read words.
We will be sending home a bookmark with you next Monday during conferences. Please keep this close so they can use it as a resource each time they read.
Their stories have been coming along real well and are using tricks such as labeling pictures, adding speech or wondering bubbles, and adding emotions so we can understand how they felt during that moment.
We have found a few more ways to make the /a/ and /i/ phonemes (sounds) it is great to see them take control of their learning and discover the patterns we have in English.
We have just finished up our first unit and will send home their tests this week for you to sign and return.
Assembly on Friday!!!
We have started practicing this week and they are beyond excited! I may send home a paper if they need a little extra practice at home. We are super excited to have you all on Friday from 8:20 in the auditorium.
Again thank you so much for all your help, we could not have had so many ideas without you!