Week of April 16th

Readers workshop
We have been working on connecting what lessons we have learned about and how they may be similar or different to other books we have read.

We have started patterns and the kids had a ton of fun making different kinds of patterns using blocks and their bodies. Check the math tab for new info about the unit.

We have started learning about plants and insects and did a fun experiment on Friday to see how water goes up the stems of celery.



Week of April 9th

Readers workshop
This week we talked a lot about the lessons we learn from books such as working together is better than working by ourselves, or that we should try to think of our friends perspectives and how they are feeling when we make choices.

Writers workshop
We have been adding chapters to our realistic fiction stories and the kids are really enjoying the opportunity to have their characters solve new and different problems.

We are working about a 4 part art project while doing a self portrait that uses 4 styles of art. This week we focused on pointillism.

We have started working on color and will do body movement patterns and number patterns next week.

Field trip!
The kids had a ton of fun and thanks so much to the volunteer moms!

Week of April 2nd

Writers Workshop
The kids have been LOVING writing and its hard to get them to stop. We have been creating series books where kids are on their 3rd~ book using the same characters/setting/etc. We have talked about how we can expand on the same info and create new problems and or trouble for our characters to solve.

If they want to create stories at home and share them in class they are more than welcome to as well. We love having a book basket of student created books to share in our classroom.

Readers Workshop
We have been looking at how authors are like directors and teach us how to read their stories by using commas and words such as whispered or screamed. We have been talking a lot about going back and making our reading more smooth or to fix the way we say things to build fluency.

We finished unit 6 today and will be starting unit 7 Monday. Please sign and return their math tests by Monday.

Upcoming events

Please check the email about world book day!