First week back!

Welcome to 2018,

We have had an amazing year back.

We started the year with writing a few new years resolutions. They kids loved goal setting are are super excited to find ways to help improve themselves, as well as ways to help make their friends schooling more enjoyable as well.

We have also started opinion writing. We will keep their collections for a few more days so they can write about which ones are their favorite as well as comparing and contrasting.

The kids have become the “boss” of their reading and we talked about taking ownership of our learning and making sure to try different tools and strategies for when they get stuck.

This year we made optical illusions by using a ruler to make lines and use alternation inward/outward curves to make it look 3D.

We have begun talking about surverys and data collection as well as sorting and classifying object.

Word inquiry
We started to look into ways in which we use the “k” sound by looking at ways k, c and ck are used. We explored the room to find the evidence! We found out we use a c when an a, o, or u are next; or a k when and i or e is next.

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