Fall break is here!!!

Thank you so much for all the help on International Day (and wonderful food). Thanks to those who volunteered on the field trip as well as teaching students about their home countries, they had tons of fun!

A reminder to have some fun filling out they papers for the time capsule and if they would like would like to put in any small items or some pictures please send them by Wednesday!!

Have a wonderful fall break!!!



Week of October 9th

In Readers and Writers we have started learning about non-fiction.

Writers Workshop
We have discussed the differences between writing small moment stories about our lives, and now learning how to write “how-to” stories such as: how to take care of a dog, or how to play basketball. We have also talked about how to books, where events come in a sequence.

Readers Workshop
The kids have been super into non-fiction books and starting to identify how we read the two types of books. We looked at the table of contents and they loved seeing how we could look for information and then go right to that page, they kept coming up and showing me all the new things they have learned!
This week we talked about doing your sneak peak but now looking at a few pages and using the information on the title page as well.


This week we started learning about designing some quilts using different patterns, while also identifying what shapes are hidden inside the designs as well. They were quick to pick up on the patterns and repeat them over and over like a real quilt.

Word inquiry
This week we looked at words that end in a y, and all the different sounds it can make! Here are a few examples below, and an attached picture.

fly – /i/
happy – /e/
play – /ay/
toy – /y/


Week of October 2nd

Reminder we have parent conferences on Monday.

Readers workshop
We finished up our small moments stories and learned how to use the seesaw app to record us reading a 5~ min passage for our digital portfolios! We also celebrated by picking and telling everyone a goal we can continue to work on!

Writers workshop – https://blogs.stmaur.ac.jp/1p/2017/09/27/publishing-our-first-book/
We had a chance to fix some of our stories and also did a checklist on our own writing.

We have been working really hard on learning shapes and discovering new vocabulary such as vertices and quadrilateral.  They got to use the geoboards and rubberbands to discover ways to make different triangles and quadrilaterals.