Week of September 25th


Please make sure to read all the details in the email sent today.

We started out the week with a super fun art piece where we learned about primary and secondary colors. They learned how to mix color using water colors, as well as changing the tone.

Readers’ WS
We are about to finish up our first unit! This week they learned more ways to help them try tricky words. We talked about trying different vowel sounds, crashing words together after breaking them apart, and making sure not to tell a buddy about a tricky word but to help bit by bit instead.

Writers’ WS
They had a lot of busy busy work to do this week. We are working on our final copies and learning how to edit and revise our stories. We talked about reading the words on our pages vs just rehearsing our ideas, so that others can read our books correctly. They will take home their work next week so they can make their final copy!

We are starting unit 2, please check the math tab up top if you have not seen it yet.



Publishing our first book

Dear families,

I wanted to make a blog post so that you could see some of the resources we use at school to help us with our writing process.

We will be sending home their first rough copy of their books this week and they will get a chance to “publish” it at home! We have already gone through and graded them using the rubric on their rough copy (the kids did a kid friendly one on their own work), but will need their rough copy back. We also ask that you sign the teacher graded checklist, and that MUST be returned. We ask that they finish their book and bring it by Tuesday, October 10th.

The students have the weekend and Monday to copy their story down onto the new paper while also getting to work on their best handwriting. Our rough copies can be messy because we have added a lot of information. Re-writing will give them a chance to make sure everything is in the right place. We also want to give them enough time to work on their pictures to make sure they are the best they can be! They may also finish their title page and even add a short blurb on the back of their books!
Their cover page is separated from their main book so that I can laminate it as well. So a reminder the blank page that is stapled is the back!

This would be a great time for you to sit with your child and ask them questions about the writing process and see how they collect their ideas and put it on to paper.

We do ask that you not do the following, and recommended ways to help them instead. This is their first published piece in first grade and they will have mistakes, we are not expecting perfectly spelled books or totally full sentences!

-Don’t tell them how to spell every word correctly…
…. If a word is not spelled write help them sound out parts that may be missing/different and ask which letters they could use to make that sound.

-Don’t tell them what to write…
… Ask them “who, what, when, where, why, how” questions to help clarify their ideas.


How to write a story

Ways to bring our stories to life

Techniques we have learned from other authors,
Feel free to add more of these to your book!

Week of Sept 11th

Readers workshop
This week we have been working on breaking words into parts such as “base”ball” or finding smaller words within other words as with “smART”.
We discussed some strategies for hard to read words. We also said we can use pictures to check and see if words match.

We also went to the park with 3F and did some buddy reading! It was a bunch of fun and exciting to teach some 3rd graders about our stick notes/teaching points.

Writers workshop
This week we talked about adding speech bubbles and motion lines to pictures, using transitions words like; next, finally, and then…, and adding feeling words to connect with our readers.
We also talked about using drama to act out our stories so we could see what parts are in our story and what parts may be missing. They had a lot of fun, our example was “(page 1) I wake up in my bed and was feeling so sleepy. (page 2) I eat breakfast. My mom made me some toast and some eggs. It was delicious.” we talked about how we could add words such as I left my room and went to the kitchen so we can see where the characters are going.

We have been talking about using different combinations of numbers to add up to the same total. such as 1+5=6, 2+4=6, and 3+3=6 etc. We played heads and tails coin game (video below) to help us find some of these combinations. Feel free to play at home as well. Directions are attached.

Pet bottle cap drive for student council.

Used bottle caps funding polio vaccines for kids




Week of September 4th

Happy Friday!

This year we leaned all about Amedeo Modigliani, an Italian artist who lived at the start of the 20th century. We looked into how he drew portraits and how he would sometimes draw his subjects with long oval shaped faces and long necks. We also learned about using oil pastels. They did wonderful and have our work up in the hallway!

Readers workshop
This week we talked about rereading and smoothing out our sentences to make them sound more fluent while reading in big phrases vs word by word. We have also really talked about rereading something a few times to read words quicker and make it make more sense. Again these strategies can be used in any language, and modeled by parents. While reading feel free to say “I really liked that part I want to reread it again” or “hmm not sure that made sense, let me go back and read again to make sure I understand.” The more they see this at school and at home the more they will do it in their reading as well 🙂

Writers workshop
They LOVE writing and it has been such a fun year for writers workshop. We have made a few books and talking about writing each tiny step of something we did. We are now asking who, what, when, where, why, and how questions when going back over our books or a buddies book to see what else we can put in our stories.

We have played games such as compare, or double compare which are similar to the card game war. They have been finding out which number is bigger or smaller and also adding two numbers together and finding out which is bigger or smaller.

Field trip
Thanks to those who volunteered. We have a 3 volunteers and are happy to have more on our next field trip. We will go to the fire station on October 20th.

Please make sure to check what days gym is on and if its in the morning come to school in gym clothes and bring a uniform. If at the end of the day come in their uniform and bring gym clothes.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Week 2!

This week we have been working on doing a “sneak peak” and “checking our sneak peak.”
Before we read a book we always do a sneak peak to make predictions about what will happen, saying, “I think_____.” We then start reading to check our sneak peak, if we are wrong we then work on new predictions.
We are also talking about “doing something” at the end of a book. They can either reread their favorite part, reread the whole book, retell the story, change the ending, pretend they are in the book etc.
It would be great if you could remind them of these skills at home.
Again, we are happy for you all to read in any language, and any of these skills can be used for any book and in any language!

We have been learning more about writers workshop and how to get our stories started. We are doing small moments and talking about writing about one thing on one page. We used the book Night of the Veggie Monster as an example. We want to pick out one tiny moment and stretch it out between several pages.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBP0A0wHXrg

We have been working with numbers under 20 and playing a few games to get them comparing different numbers based on which is bigger/smaller. We have been using these activities to help them learn more about our materials in class and how to use different manipulatives.


So glad to hear from some families about how excited their kids are to come home and read their books! It is such an excellent start to their year!
Starting Monday they will take home their assignment notebook and we want them to start recording the book they read, and also give it a rating. 1-4 stars 1 being just ok, 4 being I LOVED IT! They can just color in the number of stars. (example below)