First week! 2017-18

They made it!!!
It was an awesome first week and can see a lot of great friendships forming.
This week was spent getting to know each other, going over routine and learning about the classroom and school.
I am also working on meeting with everyone so that I can get to know them better and find out their specific skills. Over the next week or two we will be doing some pre-assessments to find out what each child knows and areas where we can help them progress. This was way can create a curriculum that meets the needs of each child and their specific needs.
Next week we will start unit 1 in math, there is a link below or you can look just above this post to find the math tab. Each unit we will post these sheets to help you stay informed.
We did start our readers and writers workshops and the kids started creating some of their own stories and will learn how to staple and connect their pages next week.
At the end of the day Friday we talked about doing a sneak peak while reading. We look at the covers and make predictions about what this book will be about. We talked about taking our time and trying to make connections between pictures and words and also noticing small details in the cover art. It would be great if you could ask them to do little sneak peaks at home when reading as well!
Again so sorry for all the information! This should be almost all of it at this point! Hopefully spreading it out has helped!
Montessori will be dismissing at normal time next week, so need the fine arts building foyer totally empty. We ask that all parents wait outside the fine arts building till our dismissal time. Grade 1 classes will then enter the foyer and we will dismiss from the doorway.
Tote bag
If you would like to send your child with a tote bag to keep at school to help them carry their water bottle and lunch to the cafeteria you are free to do so. This makes it easier for them to keep their belongings together (and not get dropped) while walking down the stairs to the cafeteria.
Starting next week the kids will pick a book from our classroom to bring home each night. We ask that you use this as a bonding time to enjoy books with your child. I have posted a little info if you would like about reading with your child.
Again our biggest goal for them in the beginning of the year is to get them to love books, pick apart more details in the pictures. The more they love books the easier reading becomes!
Math Unit 1 info
If you could please fill out this questionnaire (printed or via word) by next Friday that would be wonderful. We are curious to know more about your child and their home life as well.

If you could just bring their library book to school on their library day, this way they can get a new book each week. You are also welcome to come in before and after school to check our or look at library books.
This week we will focus on bringing home books and giving them a chance to enjoy reading. The following week we will be sending home a few words a week to practice.