End of Grade 1 See ya soon Grade 2!!

First a thank you….

Thank you to every child who has made an impact on my life, and hope I have made one on theirs as well. It was such an eventful year full of fun and exciting moments (and hopefully lots of learning). It was my first year at Saint Maur and will be one I remember forever. Thank you to the class parents who helped organize so many events and gifts throughout the year, everything has turned out perfectly. Thank you to all of the parents who help them at home, even though they may be quite tired.

Thank you to the kids who worked hard each and every day, they truly amazed me and SO PROUD of the progress throughout this past year.

A little summary of our last few weeks.

Readers workshop
We ended the year studying fiction books again. This time we focused on setting and where and when the story takes place, and also keeping track how it may change throughout the story. We made predictions about what will happen next, and worked on using what has already happened in the story to help us make more accurate predictions. We also did this by making connections between the main events in the story and how they can fit together like a puzzle piece.
We also did a mini character analysis and began to think about character traits which we also used to help create our own character for our final fiction story.

We started by working with 3D shapes. We talked about faces (also called footprints/like a stamp) edges and corners/vertices. They built their vocabulary and found ways to describe these new shapes.

Writers Workshop
We worked hard to make our own character, create a setting of where and when, and found out how to include problems with conflict and resolution. We didn’t have as much time as we would have hopped but used this time to really work on creating ideas that connect as well as working collaboratively to help each other’s books and practice our editing skills.

While learning about getting from A-B we had a group research project and ended the year learning about plants and insects. They were responsible for taking care of a plant and had their own plant diary. They also conducted their very own research project where they chose an insect of their choice for which they then made a poster.

Again thank you SO MUCH for all of your help and support and hope you all have an absolutely amazing summer with lots of play and relaxing for your….. NEW GRADE 2’S