Week of April 17-21

We are doing our first full on research project!!! We are using kid search engines to help us find out about transportation a long time ago. We are learning how to look for websites that are at our reading level and help us answer our who, what, when, where, why, and how questions.

We have been working a lot on our decoding skills and identifying ways we can work on solving hard to read words. We have done a lot of buddy reading to help us find words in words such as “enter in center” “pet in carpet.”

We did amazing at editing our opinion writing this week! I was very impressed with them reflecting on their ideas and finding ways to make their writing better.
We also started writing reviews and are working on writing a review about our school cafeteria.

We finished our pattern tests on Friday and will begin working on some more addition and subtraction problems next week

April 10 – 13

Happy Easter!!!

We ended the day with a fun egg dying event. Thank you for those who came in to help! The kids loved it and hopefully they can come home and share them with you over Easter break!

We just about finished up on building our cities, the kids did a great job using their plans to develop their city and put things in the right place. It was great for them to see how and why cities are developed in certain ways and how we must organize our roads and transportation systems.

Readers Workshop
We focused on how to read with buddies and really practiced how to “teach not tell” a buddy when reading. It would be great if while you are reading at home to make a few mistakes and make sure they “teach” you how to read the word by showing you our reading rules.

Writers Workshop
We are still working on our opinion writing, and they have all been enjoying it very much. We have talked more about ways to disagree with someone and still be polite. We have also worked on using our rubric to check if we have all the parts necessary.

We worked on some number patterns this week such as putting “x” many more items in a jar per day. Or creating stairs that are “x” many units taller each time. This has lead us into counting things be 2’s and 3’s. We have talked about starting our counting by 2 or 3’s from either numbers 1, 2, or 3. ex: start from 2 and count by 3’s… 2 -5 -8 -11. Start from 3 counting by 2’s 3 -5 -7 -9.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter break and enjoy the (probably) last weekend of Sakura.


April 3-7

We had a crazy, fun and eventful week this week! We also miss our friend who had to leave and wishing him the best of luck!

Thank you for all the practice at home! It was our first time being in charge of something in front of so many people, and they were so brave! I am so proud of them and glad they were able to remember their lines and be so confident on stage.
They wrote all the lines and came up with all the ideas (I give them 100% credit!). Their stations were so fun, and was great to see them being little teachers. It was a big responsibility and although they were a little nervous it was amazing to see how much better they got after each new group!
I was not able to get many pictures but will send a Google Drive folder link in an email if you would like to upload any pictures or videos to share.

We have been working on different types of patterns and they have caught on so quickly! They love doing patters and finding new ways to find out what will come next.
Below is a video of them making patterns using different body movements.

We have been working on different opinion pieces and talking about giving detailed reasons something may be the best, most delicious, etc. Friday we also talked about ways to politely disagree with someone else’s opinion. They did a fantastic job!!!

We have been designing and creating cities by looking at different places in our community, as well as ways in which we get from A-B. They have created a full plan and now using that plan to help them make mini cities!