Week of March 20th

We are working on being the “boss” of our reading and making sure to make sure our reading looks right, sounds right, and makes sense.

We have been working on convincing arguments and baking up our ideas with specific reasons. This week we talked about what class we think is best and why.

We will begin working on patterns over the next few weeks, check the math tab up top to see the parent letter and activities to do at home.

Assembly – Thursday 1st period
We have been getting ready for our assembly. Each child will present a few lines on stage and we will break into stations where they will be responsible for either having other friends help them add details to poster boards, teach them a simple game, or read their story to their peers. Parents are invited.

Going away party/Book party – Thursday 2nd period
First 20 minutes students will share their books with parents and friends. Last 20 minutes will be a little going away party for a student. Feel free to bring little snacks if you would like.

Week of March 13th

This week we turned out new focus to writing opinion pieces. Our first assignment was to look at some penguins and decide which one was our favorite. They were quite excited and will be working on coming up with arguments to fit our opinions in the coming weeks. We will also look at restaurant and book reviews.

This unit will be focused on comprehension and fluency. We will be talking about why we read and ways to improve our reading. If you could help them at home by asking them questions about their book to help make sure they are putting the words/pages in their mind. (as we sometimes say :D)

This unit we have been learning about how we get from place to place and created our own map. We will be looking at ways to improve our maps and ideas. We will then be working on creating a large 3D and wall map. It will be quite an interactive and fun unit.

We are almost finishing up a unit on number games. They have been doing excellent and can tell they remembered a lot from earlier this year. We have talked about using different ways and manipulatives to help us solve problems.


Link below is all about our pet bottle collection project!

PET Bottle Caps for Ecocap Movement



March 6-10

Our books are 80-90% done!!!!!!
It has been a busy busy busy week, and lots of hard work! The kids have really enjoyed it this time, and knowing that this will become a product in our class library.

If your child has their book at home please remind them that they should really only be working on their illustrations unless that have an idea or two they just thought of to add. They are also allowed to double check for capitals and periods. Other than that, this is their final copies and are using spelling techniques we have learned it class. That means sometimes words may not be spelling the right way which is fine as long as it is spelled in a way they can read it.

Japanese Culture Day

Thank you! We can not say thank you enough for how much you have helped set everything up and all the planning over the last few weeks. The kids absolutely loved it and said they had an amazing day. They loved the sumo game and making funny faces (which was hilarious to them!).



First week of March

Can’t believe we are down to our last three months!

We are finishing up our final draft of our non-fiction book. It is amazing to see how much they have grown as writers and how much they love putting their ideas down on paper. I have been ver impressed and can’t wait for our publishing party which we hope to have at the end of next week or the week following.

We are finishing up our last week of non-fiction for reading as well. We have been working on reading with a buddy and using our non-fiction post it notes…
Showing feeling when we read
Marking interesting points
Studying books like a writer (how can we use the authors ideas and or layout in our own books)
Find and explain keywords
Using drama to bring the book to life (a huge favorite at the moment)

We encourage you to talk about these at home and remind them to do a sneak peak before reading and also to do something at the end.

We are also finishing up our last unit onĀ The Food We Eat. I emailed about possibly cooking with your child this weekend and if you would like to share some items with the class on Monday.
They have LOVED this unit and we hear them talking about their food all the time during lunch and snack time. It has been fun to see what they were surprised about when doing a final reflection on the unit.

Japanese Culture Day
Class Mom’s have sent out an email