Week of February 13th

Thank you so much for the help with their research, they have been coming in each day SUPER excited to share their facts and info with their peers.

We have been learning about measurement and they have been using different objects to help measure. We have used blocks, paper clips, inch tiles etc.
To help at home you could ask them to find things to measure at home, and compare sizes by asking “how much long is x than z?”

100 Day
We have now been in school for over 100 days!! The kids had to make a chain with 100 links along with a few other games and writing activities about the number 100!

We have been practicing a lot of our buddy reading skills and really slowing down while reading to help with our comprehension. We are studying the words and the pictures and trying to study the non-fiction pictures and pages for at least a 30-60 seconds before turning the page.

Next week we will send home a food diary for them to keep track of what foods they are eating each day.



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